Career Reflections

While not a topic I frequently spotlight, I do — on occasion — write about important milestones or noteworthy observations I've encountered along my career journey.

Professional Resume Branding: Variations & Learnings

Anyone who’s ever searched for job opportunities online *knows* that this employment hunting activity will inevitably require not just an updated resume but possibly several different variations of one’s resume, depending on what niche nature of the job listings requires or calls for. It’s a frustrating reality that most job hunters, myself included, won’t be able to entirely avoid. Read this post to see how I've approached this multiple resume challenge.

A Loving Ode to An Aquatic Kitty That Stole Millions of Internet Hearts Around the World

It was 2013 when Holly, the adorable swimming cat 🐱🌊, went viral worldwide 🌍 and became an internet sensation. Her swimming news story, along with my corresponding video clip (which has received 75.5K views to date at the time of this writing), resonated around the world (literally). But beyond any pride or joy I may feel or have once felt about the content success of Holly's tale, I confess I find myself feeling great sadness about this content marketing's viral moment as well.

Unforgettable: My Extremely Eye-Opening Social Media Experience from Abroad

I had the honor of being invited by the U.S. State Department to speak and present at multiple universities and entrepreneurial-themed events held in the capital city of Nicaragua. But those plans were never realized. Upon landing, massive protests broke throughout the city. As a result, I was immediately thrust into multiple experiences where I'd witness the strategic use of social media — not for marketing or selling but instead to distribute, en masse, expressions of profound anguish and outcries of freedom from oppression.