The Week of the Young Child (#WOYC) is an annual event/observance hosted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

In 2015, NAEYC’s #WOYC observance was a multi-hashtag event, consisting of the following themes:

  • Monday, April 13: #WOYCmusic
    (spotlighting how music education and play benefit kids)
  • Tuesday, April 14: #WOYCtacotuesday
    (showcasing kids doing fun food prep and cooking)
  • Wednesday, April 15: #WOYCworktogether
    (highlighting kids collaborating)
  • Thursday, April 15: #WOYCartsy
    (depicting kids in art or creative action)
  • Friday, April 16: #WOYCfamfriday
    (showing kids enjoying family time)

The organization I worked with at the time, The Source for Learning (SFL), had a product division — PreschoolFirst — focused on early childhood education (ECE).

The PreschoolFirst product team expressed a desire to have their product brand engage in this #WOYC event on Twitter but had no concept of how to showcase their brand in a visual or interesting way.

My creative-directed content idea was to introduce a young child as the official PreschoolFirst #WOYC “Spokeskid.”

The child’s week would then be visually journalized daily with each day highlighting the designated #WOYC theme.

See the various messages and social media designs (showcasing my own daughter, son, and husband whom I used as models) I developed for PreschoolFirst’s #WOYC campaign below.

#WOYC Video content sample for “Taco Tuesday”

Campaign Results

PreschoolFirst and its parent company hadn’t previously launched ANY kind of social media campaign.

As a result, pretty much ANY engagement derived from this campaign was to be deemed a success.

One metric of success back in 2015 was the now-defunct Klout score.

For a long time before this campaign launched, the @PreschoolFirst Twitter account had held steady at a very low Klout score hovering just above 20 (see below).

If you look closely at the Klout score 90-day graph above, which includes the #WOYC campaign time frame of April 13-17, 2015, we can see a spike indicating much higher engagement for that given week.

The graph above clearly shows the @PreschoolFirst Twitter channel’s Klout score increased by at least 20 points as a direct result from this #WOYC outreach campaign.

Twitter impressions dramatically increased as well.

Impressions on Twitter also increased during the #WOYC week-long campaign (see below):

The graph above showcases the two #WOYC hashtag themes on @PreschoolFirst that gained the most traction were:

  • #WOYCtacotuesday (Tuesday, April 14), and
  • #WOYCworktogether (Wednesday, April 15).

Before & After Comparisons

Engagement Rate Success

In the below-shared table, you can see:

  • the LIGHT BLUE highlighted rows indicate 6 different non-#WOYC tweets published on @PreschoolFirst between January – March 2015 and their corresponding engagement levels, and
  • the YELLOW-PEACH highlighted rows showcase DAY 1 of the #WOYC campaign (with the designated #WOYCmusic theme) and the dramatically higher engagement rates derived from just one single day of tweeting.


Overall, this #WOYC-themed effort was PreschoolFirst’s first-ever social media outreach campaign.

The campaign’s deployment allowed the PreschoolFirst product team and its parent company, SFL, to:

  • Insert @PreschoolFirst brand on Twitter in a fun, relevant, and highly-visible way into @NAEYC’s #WOYC conversations;
  • “Humanize” PreschoolFirst and SFL’s visual storytelling efforts by journaling the #WOYC-themed adventures of their adorable “PreschoolFirst spokes kid” (people appeared more interested in engaging with messaging delivered or shared by a cute, child spokesperson rather than engaging with product-specific messaging);
  • Align the PreschoolFirst and SFL brands into active social media discussions about early childhood education learning.