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7 Ways to Determine if You Have a Book-a-holic in Your Life (and Other Confessions from a…

My sister recently came over for a visit, just before COVID-19 overtook all of our lives, and before leaving, I dragged her over to my art and design studio, which is located just behind my house β€” inside the back of an old shed. I wanted her to see all the work I’d done to organize my studio space since moving in last year and, in particular, I wanted her to see how well I’d organized each of my workstations. But as soon as we walked into my shed-based studio, my sister’s attention span

See the Stunning Autumn Views (from 2,190 Feet Above Sea Level) at Virginia's Skyline Drive

I recently took my kids (Charlie, 8 and Brandon, 14) on a weekend trip to historic Staunton, Virginia. Along the way, we broke up the road trip with a number of visually-stunning pit stops. One such detour was Shenandoah National Park, which at the time of our visit, was stunningly overloaded with breathtaking autumn visuals of the Shenandoah Valley as far as the eye could see.

Sunset Photography: A New Visual Take on a Very Old South Carolinian Church

For years, I've been traveling to and from rural South Carolina to visit family living along the Georgia state line. Each time I visit, the journey is peppered with the sight of desolate buildings and abandoned homes, churches, and stores from town to town. I always wonder about these forgotten dwellings during our many drives down south but even more so when I happen to learn who used to live at such and such location; or when I'm told the name of whatever convenience store that had once thrived long ago.

A Loving Ode to An Aquatic Kitty That Stole Millions of Internet Hearts Around the World

It was 2013 when Holly, the adorable swimming cat 🐱🌊, became a worldwide internet sensation. Her swimming news story, along with my corresponding video clip (which has received 75.5K views to date at the time of this writing), resonated around the world. But beyond any pride or joy I may have felt about the content success of Holly's tale, I confess to also feeling some sadness about this feline's viral content moment.